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Lou is an executive producer and artistic director who helps theatre, artists, game companies, and festivals create cultural experiences internationally using immersive technologies such as VR/AR/MR, AI, and 5G.

Lou uses her international cultural detection to unite artists, scientists, and technologists to push boundaries and drive innovation in MANY WORLDS of immersive tech.


Recent Works


Worlds Within Worlds.

QXR Studios is a game studio with narrative at the heart of what it produces. This highly-skilled, international team is creating best on class content that utilizes a fresh, new cross-medium platform to introduce audiences to fantastic worlds. Lou is now bridging game and culture to offer a new form of entertainment for 5G and smart cities. Lou specializes in bridging the cultural world with the game sector.

Royal Shakespeare Company and Magic Leap.

As an executive producer, Lou's extensive knowledge in theatre producing enabled her team to create an immersive theatre production inspired by 'Midsummer Night's Dream' with Magic Leap mixed reality, smell, taste, cocktails, and exploration. Set to premiere at SXSW 2020, the project was put on hold due to COVID-19. 


Limbik Theatre.

As content officer, Lou executive produced this groundbreaking project in 2017. Fundraising over £200k to create a live theatre performance using real-time motion capture on stage. This project informed 2021's RSC Dream project and was the first cohort of Digital Catapult Creative XR, securing further support from La Biennale, National Theatre, Arts Council

Royal Shakespeare Company. Epic Games, Magic Leap, Marshmallow Laser Feast, Punchdrunk.

Lou helped vision the concept for Dream, a moonlit journey of a sprite. The project required a pivot due to COVID-19. Lou's research into XR distribution and monetization informed the decisions made for the Audiences of the Future funded online performance, released in March 2021.

Previous Partners

As an executive producer, Lou has secured project and funding support from...

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Lou is an executive producer and artistic director who detects culture to build excellent international partnerships for the creation of performance, art, and experiences in the many technical worlds of VR/AR/MR AI and 5G. 

She is a leader in driving collaboration and executive produce performances, events and experiences with virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. She has worked for large scale theatre producing venues, art galleries, and multinational corporations such as Chichester Festival Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Rolls Royce, BMW, Tate Modern.


As an executive producer and artistic director with international production experience in the entertainment industry. She now explores imaginative territories with artists and technologists around the globe and more recently became part of a new immersive production company in the states to re-imagine experiences, Qxr Studios. Also a director of Doye Mosse Productions, Lou brings together writers from this company to collaborate with and tech making cultural experiences for audiences in many technical and theatrical worlds. In 2019 she became a digital fellow to the Royal Shakespeare Company and Magic Leap creating a touring theatre production with mixed reality and supporting the development of Dream 2021, an online theatrical production for the RSC. 

Trained at London Contemporary Dance School, after graduating she performed in Matthew Bourne productions and in the West End. She has been an artistic director of a midscale UK NPO Arts Council funded theatre, and drove forward a vision to explore creativity in immersive technology, sits on the Artizen Transformations Grants and has recently become a contributor for Theatre Art Life magazine

People and Planet.

People - Lou commits to equal opportunities for all. Diversity is at the heart of brilliant creativity. Action to make change for diverse teams is at the core of all projects.

Planet - Lou believes in thinking long term to protect nature for future generations. Our research and innovation promotes remote working and encourages creatives to use technology where ever possible to promote carbon neutral lifestyles.

Innovation and Research.

CannesXR, June 2020 - An open laboratory as part of Cannes International Film Festival XR. Twenty projects  brought together the best creative minds and technologists to devise and present innovative entertainment ideas that respond to the world  post Covid-19.  Helping to foster new ways of audience engagement using VR,AR,AI,MR each team pushed the boundaries of entertainment. Narrative at the heart of each project helped to build captivating concepts.

Lou  introduced industry experts as Slack mentors,  presented a business planning session to help inform pitch decks, financing models and target audience, and supported over one hundred participants.

Tromosó International Film Festival, January 2020 -  SEEK: Refractions focused on new media experimentation. The theme of the the special workshop was refraction Participants were invited to work in teams and explore, imagine and design ideas for the future of the film industry - against the backdrop of the 30th anniversary of the Tromsø International Film Festival.


Lou led pitching sessions, mentored projects and participants towards presentations to the film festival directors.

The participants created a short film attached as an AR/VR prototype.

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